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This is pretty good.

Really digging the airy nature of the track. Good variation and additive synths backing up the main harmonies. 3 minute mark really gives it some sheen without being too piercing. That's awesome balancing there. I would still tone that synth down in the mix, though, as some frequencies hit the ears a bit *too* much.

Good introduction of sound effects by the end of it. Really soothin'.

Overall, well done. Play with the balance a little more, I think. It's otherwise solidly mixed.


The-Cupbearer responds:

This track will likely see a bit more mixing before the album releases, so I'll keep in mind what you've said here. Thanks for commenting, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.


The melodic themes fit well with your harmonies, and the phrasing is really nice. Some good evolution between each couple bars.

The only big thing here is the mix. It's a little... all over the place. A lot of instrumentation battling for the same frequency space - you're getting a lot of fighting between the kick and the saw and your bass-lines; the snare is just barely pushing through; the risers don't have as much impact since it just underneath everything else that's happening.

Some of this can just be fixed with some equalization; doing side-chain or parallel compression with the kick and the snare to ensure their transients push through.

That's really the only big thing.

TL;DR: your composition on its own is pretty good, but is suffering from lack of a proper mix to make sure each instrument fits and molds around each other. Suggest doing some EQ and parallel/side-chain compression overall.

Not bad!


Coolasp1e responds:

Thanks for your review! Here's my comments.

I do know this mix lacks sidechain, but that's kind of the point this time around. There are parts that I don't want to be drowned out by kicks and snares. The EQ thing is a different story. It just seems that every time I EQ something, it sounds absolutely horrible. I'm EQ'ing my newest song now, so it should be EQ'd just fine, and you'll see what I mean. PM me if you have anything else to say, but otherwise, thank you!

Quite the intro.

The leads are pretty heavy there. Pretty crispy and at the forefront. I think they could be a little less crispy but I can dig it.

Kick is hardly discernible when placed against the bass-line. You need some more layering to give it more click and meat around the mid-high end. At most, I can just tell that it's causing the side-chain, but it needs a more present identity. It's even harder to hear when all the elements join together.

Bass-line is pretty coo', especially with that arpy arp. Smooth, too.

Second and main lead gets in the way of the first. I think playing with your stereo separation would help give your instrumentation the space to needs to both breath and have a place in the mix.

Speaking of which, it's not too bad. I think it just needs more leveling, a bit more tweaking, and a bit more... I dunno, chocolate. But it is a demo, so I'll forgive that (gotta make time for these things, especially with the busy lives we lead).

Build up around 0:40 sounds like it'd drop into something awesome. Y u leave me hangin' bro? :c

Overall, sounds pretty interesting and sweetness. Good jerb, I'd say, ol' bean.


Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks for your review! I tend to have problems with the kick in my demos, don't worry, I will fix that in the final release with a proper sidechaining and EQ. Glad to see you like some elements from the demo like the bassline and the build up (sorry, I can't let you taste the "cake" I am baking for this song at the moment :P).

Again, thanks for the review! I'll try (as always) to find some time to work on the demos, but I'm afraid that won't happen until summer.


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